Drawing of bets from the tournament, trading on a real account, withdrawal of funds!

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Description: WHAT YOU NEED TO TAKE PART IN THE TOURNAMENT! 1) Computer, email, and you are over 18 years of age. 2) Register on the platform by opening a demo account. 3) Plastic card or electronic wallet 4) Make a minimum deposit of 500 rubles or 10 $ (It is necessary for the account to become a Standard) Demo account will work without a deposit, but no more than 5 bets can be placed. If you have a standard account and the above limitations are not what there is. I have 340 bets on a demo account. 5) You do not need to make a deposit every time to participate in the tournament! You have contributed 1 time 500 rubles and can participate weekly in 3 tournaments every week. 2 tournaments $ 150 and 1 tournament $ 500 6) You can withdraw your deposit back with the money won in the tournament! 7) The tournament takes place on a demo account (you do not risk anything) by defeating in the tournament you get real money! Pass the verification! 8) Prepare a scan or photo ch. Passports and Sq. Maps and photos with you where you hold your passport with Ch. Page (you can do this later.It is required for the withdrawal of funds from the platform) 9) Win the tournament. Get money!
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