How I Nailed The Biggest Bitcoin Trade

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Description: In case you haven’t already heard, Bitcoin was the top performing currency of 2016… And is kicking butt again this year! In addition to buying a lot of Bitcoin in the $200 for a long-term investment last year, I’ve also been actively trading the big swings up and down. Over the past two weeks, Bitcoin has been on a massive breakout, and I’m currently up about 71% on this trade! I’m so proud of all my Cryptocurrency Mentoring Program students that have been dominating Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currency markets. And as I said in this post, Bitcoin is by far the best market for independent traders right now because of the high volatility and low level of trading competition. Unlike futures (which are dominated by high-frequency trading algo’s), Bitcoin is a “pure” market ripe with opportunity. Over the weekend, we were rocking the breakouts in our trading room… And I’m so happy to see new and experienced students nailing these setups… Technical analysis is relatively easy. The hard part is the mental side of trading, and holding a big winning trade can actually be more mentally taxing than taking a small loss. A lot of people feel fear and greed when a big trade is working, and you must have a high level of discipline and confidence to hold through big multi-day trades. My goal has always been simple: To help you navigate this new, exciting crypto-economy and find the best investment, trading, and entrepreneurial opportunities. Every week, my team and I do live market analysis, write in-depth crypto market reports, and do real-time trade alerts to show what trades we’re taking.
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