IQ Option - Is It Reliable in 2019 REVIEW WARNING ( IQ OPTION ) SCAM ❓

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Description: In this IQ Option review , we will discuss IQ Option 2019 perspective. Best Safe Alternatives: ◀️ The first thing I want to say is binary option trading was great back in 2015 when IQ Option actually was amazing, I believe that is why they got recognized and awarded that they were Europe's best in 2015, but this was four years ago and things change. We will have a look whether IQ Option is actually a legitimate way to invest and earn a lot of money, or whether IQ Option trading is worthless. In this IQ Option scam review we show how unsatisfied clients are dealt with and read their personal reviews from trust pilot website. I personally traded IQ Option in 2015 back when binary was a booming trend, however it seems like IQ Option strategy now is kinda to block other peoples accounts and just not give them their money, although none of these reviews have proof, Its certain that most people would not waste their time writing reviews if it was not so. IQ Option withdrawal system needs to be looked in too, I mean there is probably a ton of people getting withdrawals, but also a ton of people not getting one, there were some reviews on trust pilot from people struggling to get a withdrawal from a small account, they dread to think what would happen with a big one. IQ Option UK trust pilot reviews, could have been answered by the IQ team themselves, however none of the reviews I have shown you were answered, which just shows the lack of clarification in their business. IQ Option binary uses to be really good I remember the good days. The companies official website is and it saddens me that IQ Option has let itself go, It used to be a great trading platform back in the day when I was trading, but it seems like more and more people are saying its a IQ Option is a scam. IQ Option made binary options trading fun in 2015, but now it seems like the company is currently struggling to keep its client base, especially if they keep blocking everyone. #iqoption #scam #review